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Electronic Medication Administration

One Mar Diagram

Nolan Drugs offers Catalyst OneMAR™ software to our institutional clients. This electronic medication administration record (eMAR) links pharmacies and healthcare facilities and enables them to quickly and accurately share vital medical information. The system uses a secure-web-based connection that is available 24/7 to provide real-time medication management services.


OneMAR™ provides a host of benefits, including:

scanning medications

Improved tracking capabilities

Now you can oversee medication delivery, administration and alterations quickly and easily.


Real-time communication

Communicate with pharmacies, physicians and healthcare facilities instantly using OneMAR™ from Nolan Drugs.


Inventory management

Keep track of your medication inventory with precise, accurate record keeping from the OneMAR™ system.


The Catalyst OneMAR™ is an amazing system that allows you to better manage and keep track of your medication. This fully automated verification system includes:

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  • A full client profile with history, including picture identification
  • Barcode scanning triggers for instant access to dosing and time changes, delivery status and notification of on-hold or discontinued medication
  • Online ordering of pharmacy requests at point of care
  • Physician consultation options, including progress notes and vitals, at the point of care
  • Real time eMAR


Count on Edmonton’s leaders in pharmaceutical technology, count on Nolan Drugs.

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