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Innovative Medication Packaging & Verification Systems

For years, the team from Nolan Drugs has been a leader in pharmaceutical innovation in Edmonton and throughout Alberta. We customize our packaging using the latest technology to ensure our patients receive accurate and appropriate medication.

pac med machine

About the PACMED System

At Nolan Drugs, prescriptions are simple and accurate thanks to our team’s decades of pharmacy experience. We were the first facility in Alberta to implement a fully automated PACMED packaging and PACVision verification system, a sign of our continued commitment to our clients’ total satisfaction.

PACMED allows our pharmacy professionals to:

  • Safely and securely place mediation in discreet, easy-to-carry pouches
  • Clearly label pouches with patient and drug information
  • Provide easy-to-open packaging
  • Customize label displays to show day and time when medication needs to be taken


At Nolan Drugs, we don’t just fill your prescription, we take care of you. We will strive to provide the best solution to meet your specific needs. Visit our pharmacy to discuss your options.


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About PACVision

When you count on Nolan Drugs, a pharmacy committed to our clients’ satisfaction, you can expect prompt, professional and personalized service. We use the PACVision system, which automates the verification of medication pouches, simplifying the task and helping ensure our patients receive accurate dosages of the correct medication—every time.

Contact Nolan Drugs today for more information on our packaging solutions.

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